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 Embrace the power of AI and transform your business with our innovative, cost-effective marketing solutions that promise a smarter, faster, and more profitable future.

Unified Digital Marketing Solutions

Gone are the days of juggling multiple tools. Smarter World Institute brings together Omnichannel Communication, CRM, email marketing, SMS, and funnel building into a single, powerful platform. Manage all your marketing needs efficiently, saving both time and resources.

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Client Communication Re-imagined

Automate and personalize your client interactions across all social media and communication channels. Our Omni-Connect AI platform ensures consistent and engaging communication, fostering stronger relationships and higher retention rates.

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Mastering Lead Generation and Conversion

Our state-of-the-art marketing and sales funnel tools are tailored for business success. With targeted campaigns and a robust CRM, we help you not only attract leads but also nurture and convert them into valued customers.

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Transform Your ROI

From reducing operational costs through automation to optimizing marketing spend, our platform is engineered to drive revenue growth and reduce expenses. 

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Chat Marketing 

AI-driven chatbots to capture leads, acting as customer care agents to answer FAQs and set appointments across all online communication channels.

Google My Business Integration

with a AI chat feature to leverage local search traffic where the majority of users find businesses.

Content Marketing

 Creating  valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience 

Social Media Management

Build a community, engage with potential clients, enhance brand presence and automate posts across all channels at once.

Lead-Capturing Phone System

Dedicated phone line with advanced lead capture capabilities and missed call text back automation.

Website Chat Feature

Real-time web chat service on your main site to instantly engage visitors and convert them into leads.

E-mail Campaigns

A structured email marketing strategy to nurture leads and enhance customer retention.

SMS Marketing

Establishment of an SMS channel to directly engage clients with high-impact messages.

Reputation Management

Foster trust and authority in the market. This involves organically increasing reviews and maintaining stellar ratings

CRM and Calendar 

CRM system with integrated calendar (Google, Outlook) to streamline customer interactions and operational efficiency.

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Your customers are our priority
Using Mobile Phones


Using Mobile Phones
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Get in Touch

We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 

Phone: +43 0670 308 4925

Address: Kapunplatz 4-6/4/11 1200 Vienna, Austria 

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